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Simplify logins for your entire school community.

Grant your entire community access to the resources they need, securely.

Identity management for your entire school community.

Enable access to your school's digital resources with the credentials your community already use.


Authenticate users with common social providers, like Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn, or use any private identity provider that supports SAML or OAuth.

Multi-factor authentication

Enforce multi-factor logins for certain apps, users, or in certain situations - for example, a user logging in from another country.

Smart badge login

Enable QR-code badge logins for students in junior year levels, or for those with additional accessibility needs, without risking security.

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Intellischool.ID is currently in pre-release for select customers, with general availability expected in August 2023.

Frequently asked questions

These are the answers to some of the most common FAQs we're asked. If the answer you seek isn't here, please get in touch!

  • What applications can we log in to with Intellischool.ID?

    Intellischool.ID can act as an identity provider for any app that supports SAML or OAuth. Depending on the implementation, you may also be able to pass additional parameters - such as group memberships - to apps.

  • How do you ensure fast logins for all our users?

    Our platform is built using lightweight but secure application framework that is deployed to 290+ edge locations around the world. After initiation, logins typically take less than 70 milliseconds.

  • Can I use a custom domain with Intellischool.ID?

    Yes. Custom domains are available in our Premium plan and include automated SSL certificates issued by the Google Trust Platform.

  • What types of multi-factor auth do you support?

    Intellischool.ID supports code-based challenges using an authenticator app, one-time SMS codes, TouchID or FaceID on Apple devices, and Windows Hello on Windows devices.

  • Do you support mixed authentication modes for different users?

    Yes. For example, you can configure your auth workflows to identify students and staff with your internal Azure AD, ADFS, or Google Workspace accounts, and have other users login with social providers.