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Automate your school data workflows.

It's Data Ops, built specifically for K-12 education.

Let us do the data busywork for you.

Intellischool Data Ops automates everyday school data tasks, so you can focus on what matters most: teaching and learning.

Gather your data

Data Ops automatically loads data from your source tools - such as your SIS and LMS - and injects that data into Intellischool's event-driven data platform.

Trigger actions on events

Trigger a Zapier workflow on a new student enrollment, tell Microsoft PowerApps to commence a process, or use one of our pre-built connectors to carry out everyday data management tasks.

Automate audit trails

Keep track of what data has been shared, to whom, and why. Intellischool's data platform keeps a detailed, easy-to-use audit history of every transaction.

Join the beta.

Intellischool Data Ops is currently in private beta. Want early access? Request it here.